Woodcutter's Axe
Woodcutter's Axe
Lvl 1 Woodcutting to use
Coin Value: 120 Equipped: Left Hand Craftable: No

Description Edit

The Woodcutter's axe is a non-craftable tool used for chopping trees.

Usage Edit



Tree Resource


# Base




Exp. Location(s)
1 Fir Fir Tree Fir Log 25% 5 5 Dorpat, Whiland, No Man's Land
5 Cactus Cactus Cactus Wood 30% 30 8 Dorpat, Reval
10 Oak Oak Tree Oak Log 25% 30 13 Dorpat, Whiland
20 Willow Willow Tree Willow Log 30% 120 18 Dorpat, Rakblood, Cesis
35 Maple Maple Tree Maple Log 30% 180 23 Cesis, Reval

NOTE: These trees are also in the Woodcutting Guild located in Moche I.

Trading Edit

Vendor Buy Sell Location(s)
Dorpat Lumberjack 120 60 Dorpat
Dorpat Outpost Trader 120 60 Dorpat
Cesis Lumberjack 120 60 Cesis

Item Drop Edit

Level Mob Drop % Location(s)
1 Black Rat 2.43% Dorpat, Dungeon, Dungeon II
31 Assassin 0.24% Rakblood

Woodcutting Items Edit

Previous Level Item Next Level Item

Steel Woodcutter's Axe

Level 35

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